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Sunday School Classes

Sunday school begins at 10:15 a.m., immediately following the first worship serice and runs till 11:00 a.m.

Listed below are the current classes and a little information on each one and what they are currently studying.

Purpose Driven Sunday School Class  led by Chris Rodabaugh

We are students of Christ from the age of 35 to 75.  We welcome new members.  We have an active card ministry going.  We enjoy small group study.  We get together at member’s homes occasionally for fun and games.  We share with each other our individual struggles and pray for each other.  We are currently doing a study on community.  We meet in the north end classroom in the basement.


Open Door Class

The Open Door Class is just as the name suggests, open to all ages. We are a discussion group and all are invited to share in the discussion. We have a card ministry that we send to all we can. We help with food to shut-ins and with needs in the community. We serve a few banquets to raise money to help with projects such as the food pantry in Dunkirk and to support a child in South America also food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas for those in need. We have coffee, tea and snacks each Sunday provided by class members. We have several meals out as a class each year. One of which is a Christmas progressive dinner along with a cookout in the summer and lunch at local restaurants a couple times a year. Please come fellowship and study with us.

Fellowship Class

The Fellowship Class is a comforting and friendly class young at heart and all are welcomed ! They study from the Standard Lesson Commentary teacher’s edition. Class members share with their thoughts and concerns as each lesson is studied. The class has a card ministry that witnesses to any in need or deserving praise. Many people have responded over the years with thank you’s and appreciation for these cards. The class serves some banquets as fund raisers and service to the community. The money from these fund raisers goes to support families or intuitions in need. Coffee and light snacks are served each Sunday by and for those attending. Come join us !

Breaking Free Class

We coined our class name after the Beth Moore Breaking Free Study – ‘Making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life’. Our classroom is located in the southeast corner, by the restrooms. When we first formed as a class we took the survey to find our spiritual gifts. Since then we have completed several studies b y Bruce Wilkerson. Most recently we restudied the Purpose Drive Life and currently we are studying Max Lucado’s The Great House of God, which is a study of the Lord’s Prayer. We plan to suspend that study during Advent to study Rick Warren’sThe Purpose of Christmas.  We took over the pecan and dishcloth sales from the Ladies’ Aid and we also offer English Walnuts. In 2006 we produced The Fruits of the Spirit, an all-church cookbook. We still have some copies left for purchase. We usually have coffee and snacks only occasionally. We can make room for another chair or two if anyone would like to join us; as we would appreciate the spiritual gift you can add.



   Hi!  We’re located on the southwest side of the church, justacross the hall from the office.  Remember in school, if you didn’t behave, you were sent there? We try our best, even though we may digress from the lesson which is from the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies.  Currently we are aged 74 and up and would welcome any and all ages to join us. 

We scrounge coffee, tea and whatever else the Open Door Class wishes to share!  Come visit.


Youth Sunday School at the Annex

We recently redesigned our Annex to make it the Temple where kids come to meet with Jesus.  Following the Workshop rotation model kids rotate between areas during a 5 week period until they have experienced the bible lesson in all the different formats.  Teachers teach the same lesson, in a 5 week block, just to different age groups.  It is a wonderful opportunity for members of the congregation to meet all age groups and to share their love and knowledge. At each station the kids hear the bible lesson and learn the related memory verse.

The movie room is decorated just like a movie theater complete with a popcorn popper. Kids watch a bible based story related to our current lesson while enjoying fresh popped popcorn.  At the end of the movie kids answer questions related to the lesson.

The tent room is decorated like a biblical tent thrown up in the desert.  Here, the kids get to dress up and act out a drama or use puppets to tell the story.

The hut room is decorated like a jungle hut.  The walls are painted with chalkboard paint and the kids share their artistic talents.  The kids do a related art or science project.

The computer room is like entering into a grand palace complete with architectural columns.  In this session the kids play a computer game that deals with the lesson.

The kitchen is decorated like a market place.  The kids get to participate in baking bread, making cookies and lots of yummy treats to eat and share.

We currently have kids ages 3 through 12.  We welcome you to come, and experience the love of Jesus at the Temple.

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